• Rate Calculations
  • Payments & Deposits 
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Pet Policy
Rate Calculations

Rates are effective August 12, 2020 and are subject to change without notice.

Rate Calculation: Minimum nights stay required.

>Rates posted on website are based on a certain number of guests:

Wee Like It – 2 guests

Cozy Cabin – 4 guests

Ginger Pear – 4 guests

Apple Pear – 4 guests

Vermont – 4 guests

Ranch – 4 guests

Barn House – 10 guests

  1. Additional guests – add $15 per person per night.
  2. Pet Friendly rentals – add $20 per pet per night.
  3. Tax, Cleaning Fee, and small Booking Fee will be added to your rent.
  4. Cleaning Fee based on size of rental, number of guests, and pets / no pets.
  5. The calculation of rent will be determined by the maximum number of people in the cabin on any one night.
  6. Rates will not be adjusted for late arrivals or early departures by partial members of group.
  7. Guests are responsible for all nights reserved regardless of actual arrival and departure dates.
Payments & Deposits 

Rental Deposit – charged to card on day of booking. Determined by number of nights booked.

Balance of Rent – Cash or Credit Card

o Let us know in advance if there are changes to your headcount.

We will make adjustments up or down.

o Balance due on day of arrival.

Let us know method of payment in advance.

Refundable Damage and Excessive Cleaning Deposit required.

o Amount based on number of guests.

o Your check will be returned to you after we clean providing:

You do the simple things we ask on the Departure Check List

There is no damage, excessive cleaning, pet damage or pet accidents.

Departure Check List:

1. Wash Dry and put away dishes, wipe down counters and any spills. Leave kitchen like you found it.

2. Take trash out. Flatten bulky items.

3. Grease can under sink – please don’t put grease, food, coffee grounds down the sink.

4. Leave the cabin/house picked up and tidy.

5. If you move furniture, please put back.

6. Put wet towels in tub.

7. Do not strip beds, we will do this.

8. Check TV – make sure TV programming channels appear.

9. Check and make sure to take personal items home with you.

Personal items left behind:

We do return belongings upon request.

Cost = postage + $20 handling fee.

Sent C.O.D. or charged to credit card.

Cancellation Policy

Non Holiday rental deposit:

30 days or less – deposit is nonrefundable.

31 days – deposit will be returned less a Cancellation Fee of 14%

Holidays and Special Event Weekends

60 days or less – deposit is nonrefundable

61 days + – deposit will be returned less a Cancellation Fee of 14%

Pet Policy

1. Dogs Only. No cats or other varieties of pets.

2. Pet Friendly rentals – Cozy Cabin (only)

3. Limit – 2 dogs.

4. What breed of dogs will be visiting?

5. Pets must be current on vaccinations.

6. Fees for dogs: $20 per night for each dog.

7. Advance notice of dogs IS REQUIRED.

Pet Rules:

1. Brush and bathe your dog before you come up.

o You are responsible for dog hair on furniture and bedding.

o Helpful Hint to avoid dog hair on furniture:

Bring light weight blankets to cover fabric sofas & chairs.

Cozy Cabin – 2 light weight blankets

Ranch – 3 light weight blankets

Do not use our blankets and sheets.

2. Flea and Tick Protection:

Use Frontline or Advantage ONLY – This is “A MUST”.

Flea shampoos, flea collars and most other products do not work.

This requirement is Preventative Measure. By using Frontline or Advantage

we are assured that you won’t accidentally arrive with a critter

AND you won’t go home with one.

3. Scoop Poop.


If the whole family goes out, so does dog.

5. Dog must be on a leash at all times. You will be charged for:

1. For the time to remove pet hair on furniture or bedding.

2. The cost to repair any pet damage, pet accidents on carpets or furniture.

3. Report any pet accidents.

Do not attempt to clean yourselves as you could set the stain in the carpet.

We’ve found it necessary to go over carpets, furniture, etc with a black light,

after your departure, to check for accidents.

>Cozy Cabin – Your dog is welcome to join you at the lake.

>Ranch – a working ranch with 15 horses, 4 llamas and 2 kittys.

We have a “Don’t Chase the Livestock” Policy.

Keeping your pet/pets on a leash is a MUST !!

If you decide to book with us and are bringing a pet, we ask that you sign, date and return to us prior to your arrival

acknowledging that you agree to do what we ask with your pets.

Reservation Request Form

Thank You!

If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours 

please call 928-369-8235

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